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Everything flows, everything changes in our land: the rivers dry up, the seas become shallower, empires are born and disappear. One thing remains unbreakable in centuries and millennia: a bribe.

This is how the priest in control of the caves in the realm of the primitive man took the best piece of mammoth available, and he still takes it. He takes for everything that is in great demand at one or another historical moment: work, housing, non-appeal for war, a place on the train during the holiday season or during evacuation, a piece of bread for a cruel hunger strike, a kindergarten for a child … This list is endless therefore, let each of the readers personally write into it something for which it has forked itself in due time, inwardly indignant and justifying itself with a common phrase: take everything!

But about how much they charge, the palaces behind the high fences and the “exhibitions” of luxury cars at buildings where they give all their strength to the work, in general, the not-too-highly-paid workers of tax structures, all kinds of prosecutor’s offices, city councils and administrations and also native and such national militia. That’s it about the last, we’ll talk.

There is in our beautiful “pearl by the sea” not less excellent railway station, where people come here and from where both holidaymakers and numerous travelers, who are covered with “mat and tan”, depart, the number of which increases sharply with the onset of the holiday season.

And what is necessary for all this mass of people, revolving around the clock with nodes and suitcases around a tall building, to which rails from all over our country lead? To eat, drink, buy souvenirs and the necessary items on the road, as well as books, newspapers, ice cream … Numerous street vendors offer them all this, whose trays and tables are located both in the crossings and just to the streets and squares close to the station : in front of the railway station, at the tram stops, at Starosnennaya Square, Preobrazhenskaya, Panteleymonovskaya and many, many other streets and alleys located around the main center of attraction – the station.

All the hawkers are completely different people and the only thing they have in common is that each of them pays tribute daily or simply gives a bribe. To whom? First of all, the native police. For what? They explain it to the curious and dissatisfied simply: for every place there is a line of others who want to trade here. Here for this very thing and pay.

Yes, there are, of course, those who wish, because, apart from trade, there is no other work to find in our “pearl” – the enterprises are closed, the construction sites are frozen, and you want to eat, at least modestly, every day. But if you don’t pay, there will be so much checking on you in uniform and in civilian clothes that you will disappear, you will scatter like smoke and your children will remain hungry.

The “test vigilance” became especially acute when in 2009 a new head of the Privokzalniy police station was appointed. Considering that this militia borders Primorsky District, let’s call it Major Coastal.

All in all, our major was led by the organization of peace and tranquility at the station, but succeeded in doing pretty well. And he began with the “training” of entrepreneurs who sell their goods in the snow or in the rain from tables covered with bad weather with umbrellas. By his order, in each such trade row, a senior was appointed to … collect daily tribute from each table, and for each calendar day, even if the outlet did not work. Give out the required one and a half thousand a month and all, but not paid – free up space.

The “senior” regularly collected tribute, which amounted to 33 thousand hryvnia per month only from his series, and regularly delivered it to two addresses: the “cop”, who intensively improved his welfare, and his friend and faithful assistant from the Primorsky district administration, who, however, got only a third of the collected. But this was equated with the fact that the trade stalls, which also “cut their hair” daily, were run by the major quite a lot.

Why, one wonders, did they carry the money into such a serious one, and, judging by the speeches of the officials on radio and television, the government agency disinterestedly defended the people as a district administration? The answer is simple: entrepreneurs, even microscopic, in order to work legally, it is necessary to arrange a whole package of documents here. But no one will issue it to you in the famous “single window”, even if you submit all the required information there, to the last piece of paper. And if you do not register it, it means that you will not work. That’s true, if you go and agree with a major, then the flag, or rather the work permit, is in your hands. Or even without permission you can spread your table, because now you are “under the roof”.

Appetite, as they say, comes with eating. The same is about money: the more of them, the more you want. The Major’s appetite rose sharply after his modest little car, Mitsubishi Pajero, which cost more than one thousand dollars, had an accident. It was necessary to restore it. And for what means? It is clear for what – an “tax” on entrepreneurs was urgently raised, so to speak, a tribute to the “recovery” of the car. And then there was a “roof” in the district administration that she learned that the major’s money was divided unfairly: why only a third, give half! But the major is not a fool – to reduce his share, and as a result, the daily “tax” on entrepreneurs has increased from 50 to 70 hryvnia. There was no limit to the outrage of people, but the discontented quickly disappeared and they were replaced by consonants from a long line.

Not always people lined with “flags” from all sides could quickly collect the required amount (after all, it was necessary to pay “checking” from the side, including local police inspectors who also wanted to drive around on high-quality cars), and then the “senior” had to listen from the major a lot of interesting things. Soon the money received from the entrepreneurs under his “cap” began to lack so much that he attacked the mini-markets not of his “diocese”. On the street. The Novoshchepnaya series is the official mini-market, so he sent the precinct police there to “check”, after which he personally set forth the condition for businessmen and market administrations: 50 hryvnia per day from the tray.

This lasted for about two years, until the major went up, now becoming the head of one of the central regional departments of Odessa. During this time, the majority of entrepreneurs, unable to withstand the “tax burden”, after paying which they remained miserable crumbs, left work at the station, finding more “cheaper” places where they are not so “pressed”, and the number of outlets “at the station” reduced. But, alas, you have to pay in new places – officials of all stripes and calibres want to live on more than one paycheck. plowhearth.com

I wonder who the major is now robbing for “painting his life today”, but rather the lieutenant colonel. And on what car the law enforcement officer “cuts” the “pearls by the sea” streets, under which even his subordinates advised “not to dig”, since does he have “serious ties”?


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